From a cannabis compliance solution to a complete ecosystem

Akerna timeline

It started with a kernel of insight – the realization that local, state, and federal regulations would touch every stakeholder in the cannabis economy and that verifiable compliance would require seamless data connections between and among those stakeholders. This insight spawned our determination to create a solution to track and trace plants, products, and purchases from seed to sale through the entire cannabis value chain. We launched that solution (the first of its kind) in 2010 to lay the foundation for the world’s first and only cannabis business management technology ecosystem.

Today, we offer a full range of cloud-based compliance, operations, planning, finance, and government regulatory solutions—along with professional consulting services—all exchanging information through an open API and our global data and communications network.

Operators, regulators, and brands choose Akerna for our robust technology portfolio of solutions that continues to grow and scale with them as they pursue the fastest-growing market in the world.

The Akerna Leadership Team

Visionaries, pragmatists, solvers—Akerna leadership is committed to solving today’s cannabis business challenges and anticipating the ones the industry will face as it grows, matures, and professionalizes.


Jessica Billingsley

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

Dean Ditto

Chief Financial Officer

David McCullough

Chief Technology Officer

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