MJBizCon is returning to Las Vegas for the 11th occurrence of the iconic industry event Wednesday, November 16th – Friday November 18th. This conference brings together all elements of the cannabis and hemp industries, inclusive of ancillary offerings, technological solutions, and press outlets. From the expertise of Akerna’s executive team we have compiled several tips to ensure a maximized trip to MJBizCon to support your connections through Q4 and beyond.  

Paperless Connectivity  

Business cards, pamphlets, and other physical connection tools are in overabundance during the convention and be easily lost or misplaced. By creating a QR code that includes contact forms, calls to action to connect on platforms like LinkedIn, and mobile-friendly investor decks you become accessible while being sustainable. Developing a custom landing page to capture lead partners and engage with potential vendor solutions is a low maintenance way to promote your business outside of the elevator pitch.  

Utilize MJBizCon’s Platform 

Upon registering for MJBizCon, attendees will have access to their own MJBizCon profile accessible by other attendees with the scan of your expo pass. By completing the profile in full prior to the show, the database will be updated with the most accurate information not only for your organization, but for you specifically. Leads and potential partners will now be able to route to the most appropriate party on your team and be empowered to infer how to approach your unique challenges based on your role in the organization.  MJBizCon is also requesting that attendees upload a photo to accompany their profile this year which will expedite the check-in process- this may also serve to ensure that post-convention your new connections will have a visceral memory of you and your goals for the upcoming year.  

Divide and Conquer 

The expo floor will encompass two levels of vendors as well as an exhibition hall dedicated to presentations and keynote speakers. As this year’s session schedule is incredibly full, it would be wise to utilize your full team to attend sessions, take notes on specific speakers, and take shifts to walk the floor and meet with partners. Take time prior to the convention to align with your team on events related to their core focus to ensure there are no redundancies. For sessions that may be relevant to multiple core principles, assign one team member to attend and distribute key takeaways as necessary afterwards. A shared drive of notes or key takeaways from the week’s presentations may also be a key tool for taking back learnings to your overall team after the show.  

Fill Your Calendar 

While the expo floor doesn’t open until Wednesday, November 16th, there are official events that begin as early as Monday, November 14th. The MJBizCon official website has outlined affiliated events throughout the week and their value in terms of networking and education, as well as relative location to the show. In addition to the noted affiliated events, there are often unofficial industry events during the week of MJBizCon. Ensuring an RSVP to specific events prior to the event ensures your spot on the guest list and empowers you to begin aligning your social calendar with those of your peers and potential peers for after-hours networking.  


Convention Commutes  

Las Vegas may appear like a small landscape upon your descent into the desert, however it is certainly not a walkable city. One Las Vegas Boulevard block may take ten to fifteen minutes to walk, and even in November a dry heat will find its’ way to you. Prepare to pack more on the business casual end or lighter materials to maneuver the temperate nature of the city. The convention hall is not attached to any properties, but is accessible via rideshare or the Las Vegas Monorail System which is connected to many major strip properties. Regardless of your convention commute, comfortable clothes and shoes are essential for navigating the expansive expo floor.  A bag or folio may also help with organization materials from potential partners you meet on the expo floor.  

Follow Up Friday 

The last day of MJBizCon may be one of the lighter attendance days for the show- many attendees may be traveling during the last day of the week to avoid weekend travel or have seen all they planned on seeing prior in the week. As the event winds down, be sure to organize thoughts and outline which groups to follow up with in the following week. Scanning in business card for follow-up during the week or writing out which introductions need to be made to key stakeholders in your organization is helpful before you leave Las Vegas. If there are any additional areas of opportunity to pursue such as new providers of exit bags, LED light solutions, etc. Today is an optimal day to connect with those vendors on the expo floor to round out your convention connections. Setting aside time on Friday to ensure all identified areas of opportunity are addressed ensures as you return to the office by Monday, you are confident that your MJBizCon week was truly productive.  

We understand that time is valuable and efficiency is an undeniable commodity, particulalry in the cannabis industry. Akerna hopes to see you at the show at booth 2113.