Akerna (Nasdaq: KERN), a leading enterprise software company and developer of one of the most comprehensive technology infrastructures, ecosystems, and compliance engines powering the global cannabis industry, has completed a successful trade show showing at the 2022 MJBizCon. The on-site booth featured Akerna as well as subsidiary brands 365 Cannabis and MJ Platform complete with live demos, show exclusive discounts, and state-specific consulting services for current and emerging markets. Additionally, Akerna’s CEO Jessica Billingsley presented for both an MJBizFinance Forum on cannabis mergers and acquisitions as well as onstage during the Women Grow LIVE presentation.  

The MJBizFinance Forum featured Billingsley in addition to Cassandra Farrington, Co-Founder at MJBiz, Andrew DeAngelo, Cannabis Industry Consultant and Strategic Advisor at Andrew DeAngelo Consulting, and Sean Luse, Sr. Director of Commercial Operations at Jushi Holdings Inc. One core concept from the discussion is that there is no one way to successfully structure a merger or acquisition. As cannabis CEOs navigating the M&A period, there will be points to define success and that may be different for each involved stakeholder. As the regulated cannabis industry continues to grow from the ground up and there are no set paths to success- beneficial actions can only be determined by the stakeholders involved. Certain M&A situations may be key opportunities for the CEO to continue with the company, depart, or allow their role to evolve based on the new structure. Centrally, the core of the conversation was for each leader to identify what delivers them success as they enter each stage of their company’s evolution.  

Similarly to the MJBizFinance Forum, Billingsley’s appearance at the Women Grow Live presentation included discussion on impact as a leader and defining success. Billingsley was joined by Chanda Macias, CEO of Ilera Holistic as well as CEO and Chairwoman of the Board at Women Grow to discuss being the CEO of a public company. While this discussion did include the definitions of developing a public company and what steps are taken to take a company public, it did naturally evolve into a discussion on overall impact cannabis leaders may wield. Billingsley spoke on the value that making an impact means something different to everyone, and it is up to the person to determine what that means for them. She states, “The truth is that I can't define what "making an impact" means to you.  The good thing, though, is that it's completely up to you how and in what way you impact the world around you.” 

The 2022 MJBizCon trade show clearly has evolved along with its’ audience- the two-story trade show delivered incredible support and connections to all aspects of the industry, serving the seasoned veterans to future leaders and everyone in between. Akerna continues to be proud of the involvement with the trade show and with the industry as a whole.  

About Akerna: 

Akerna (Nasdaq: KERN) is an enterprise software company focused on compliantly serving the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry. First launched in 2010, Akerna has tracked more than $20 billion in cannabis sales to date and is the first cannabis software company listed on Nasdaq. The company's cornerstone technology, MJ Platform, the world's leading infrastructure as a service platform, powers retailers, manufacturers, brands, distributors, and cultivators. 

For more information, visit https://www.akerna.com/.  

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