2022 US Top Cannabis Sales Days: 

  1. 420 / April 20th: $154.4 million 
  2. Green Wednesday / November 23rd: $116.4 million 
  3. Black Friday / November 25th: $115.3 million 
  4. Friday before New Year’s Eve / December 30th: $107.2 million 
  5. Friday before 4th of July / July 1st: $106.7 million 

4/20, the community-recognized day of cannabis celebration for decades, was unsurprisingly once again the largest cannabis sales day of the year. The 4/20 sales actually delivered a 38% increase in revenue year over year when compared to 2021’s $111.8 million in cannabis sales.  

“As we progress in the cannabis industry’s developing retail cycles, it is clear where the largest contributing sales days are appearing. Year over year, operators are beginning to acclimate and prepare for these sales cycles both expected across the larger economy and specific to the cannabis market” says James Ahrendt, Business Intelligence Architect at Akerna. “420 is not a special day in any other industry, but it is the backbone of cannabis culture and the largest driver year over year for those who consume cannabis.”  

Akerna President, Jessica Billingsley, offers an optimistic read of the top sales days. “The 2022 420 sales show an incredible amount of growth year over year that we are proud to see. This data is telling of a strengthened economy, precise supply chain management, and overall quality operations being able to thrive in a highly competitive market.”